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A Disciplined Approach to Writing and Editing Projects

Many writing projects miss their business goals because they do not follow a disciplined project management methodology.  For all but the smallest engagements, I use a project management methodology tailored for writing and editing projects.  This saves you time and money and guarantees that what you get is what you want.

I follow this consistent approach for:


Full-scale proposals are expensive and time-consuming, and most don't succeed in winning profitable business. (Note the word "profitable". Not all business is worth winning, and some "successful" proposals can put you out of business.)

It may not be worth investing in a proposal unless you know that you have a much better than even chance of success. An Opportunity Risk Analysis can help you decide whether to invest in a proposal or pass on the opportunity.

As an experienced Sales Support and Marketing Manager, I can either help you perform a real Opportunity Risk Analysis or do it all for you. If the Analysis shows you have a solid chance of winning profitable business, I can create a proposal strategy keyed to the most important client buying motivations.   I can write your proposal or help you write it yourself.


Incidentally, proposals don't have to weigh as much as boat anchors to be successful.  I specialize in One-Page Proposals that, in many situations, can give a decision maker all the information he or she needs in a single, compelling page.


Sales Letters

Every sentence in a sales letter has one objective: to make sure the reader is interested enough to read the NEXT sentence. I can help you write sales letters that will grab and hold your reader's attention until you have made your point.


Presentations are among the most important components in your business communications portfolio.  If you are on the "short-list" of competitors for a major contract, or have an opportunity for exposure at a conference, a presentation can either put you over the top or kill your chances. 

I can help you create interesting and convincing business presentations. As an experienced presenter at national and regional conferences, I can even deliver them for you.

Product and Service Profiles

Trade and consumer magazines are always looking for short profiles of interesting new products, and potential customers always want understandable product and service descriptions.  If you don't have product or service profiles (or those you have need work), I can help.

Business Plans and Investor Pitches 

Potential investors have VERY short attention spans. This means a winning business plan or investor pitch needs to be clear, compelling, and concise. If you need to attract investors, I can help you create a "3C" investor pitch.

My services differ from most business plan services in 2 important ways:

Case Studies

A well-written case study can be much more than an "interesting read."  It can be a powerful sales tool and sales training aid that illustrates how your product or service has solved an actual customer need. If you have untold success stories, I can turn them into valuable case studies to add to your business communications portfolio.

Promotional Articles

Promotional articles can give you free advertising and public relations exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. I can turn your product or service into an interesting, readable story that will get in front of the readers you want to reach.

White Papers and Research Studies

As an experienced researcher, I can develop white papers and research studies, or provide editorial and fact-checking assistance for your own efforts.

Training Materials

I can create effective training programs that can be delivered in a classroom setting or via self-study.


I bill on a time-and-materials basis plus expenses. In special cases, I can negotiate fixed-price agreements.

Pro Bono Services

For community service organizations with manageable, occasional needs, I provide my services pro bono. Obviously, I cannot do a lot of this, but if your organization needs writing, editorial or publicity support, I like to help where I can.

I actively support organizations that are dedicated to:

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