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Acid Test

GreenWords turns ordinary information into valuable organization assets

  • Can you efficiently and effectively

  • Produce proposals or presentations that get results?
  • Research the operations and business needs of prospective clients?
  • Perform competitive intelligence?
  • Train new employees in complex business operations?
  • Perform internal compliance assessments of complex business and technical processes?
  • Keep business process and technical documentation accurate and up-to-date?
  • Do you know what your real value proposition is to potential customers and investors?

  • Can you clearly explain your product, service, or "big idea" to a total stranger in 30 seconds or less?

If all the answers are “Yes”, you don’t need GreenWords.

If not, you're in the right place.

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About Us

GreenWords is a multi-service consultancy specializing in support for

GreenWords turns ordinary information into valuable organization assets that can

Plain Language

GreenWords follows Plain Language principles and practices in all its services. Plain Language simplifies the content and structure of information, without "dumbing it down". Plain Language makes even complex technical and business concepts easily understandable to more audiences, even those with no prior knowledge of the subject matter.

Plain Language can have a dramatic effect on operations efficiency, effectiveness, adaptability, and costs, in everything from employee training to liability insurance.  Plain Language initiatives have been underway in the Federal Government, in State and Local Government, and in private industry since the early 1980s. For more information about Plain Language, click here.

Template-Based Managed Services

We hate billing for rework as much as clients hate paying for rework. Unfortunately, rework has always been a fact of life for professional services. To ensure client satisfaction the first time, we follow project management best practices. Our delivery process is based on global standards adapted for writing and editing projects. This process

Samples of previous work can only tell you what a writer - or someone - has already done for another client.  If you want to know what GreenWords can do for your organization, ask us to prepare a small sample based on your needs.

Full-Disclosure Consulting

GreenWords is a Full-Disclosure consultancy. Like Adam Smith, we believe that transparency in business relationships is critical to honest and fair dealing. We support the Contractor's Bill of Rights and fully disclose pay rates and bill rates to clients and contractors alike.

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